5 Summer Beverages You’ll Want to Avoid

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Summertime has arrived, and that means the weather outside is quickly warming up! After spending a long day out in the sweltering summer sun, it might be tempting to grab the nearest icy beverage to help cool off. However, some of the most popular summertime beverages have a surprising amount of hidden sugars and unhealthy … Read More

Vinegar & Diabetes: Can It Reduce Blood Glucose Levels?

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Vinegar continues to gain in popularity among consumers for its many purported health benefits including hypertension, weight loss, dandruff, leg cramps, fungal infections, and diabetes.  However, there is no clear scientific evidence to support these claims except for diabetes. In fact, there is an emerging body of evidence to support the benefit of vinegar in … Read More

Carb Counting For Flexible Diabetes Meal Planning

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There is no longer one “right” way for people with diabetes to eat. Instead, the American Diabetes Associations suggest people individualize their diets so they can eat what feels right to them and still maintain proper blood glucose, also known as blood sugar control. With meal planning tools like carbohydrate counting, you can do just … Read More